Marietta National Cemetery

Marietta National Cemetery is located half a mile east of central Marietta, Georgia, and 20 miles northwest of Atlanta. Burial sections are laid out to follow the site’s undulating topography in shield, circle, oval, and crescent shapes, while views of Kennesaw Mountain, Stone Mountain, and the city of Atlanta provide scenic backdrops, creating a picturesque memorial to America’s fallen military veterans. The cemetery features a monumental stone archway (one of only five in the national cemetery system), several distinctive memorials, and a stone boundary wall that dates to the early 1870s.

Because the cemetery is so old, so are some of its trees!  We were called by


Georgia National Cemetery

The Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA is open to all members of the armed forces who have met a minimum active duty service requirement and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.  The land for the cemetery was donated by land developer and World War II veteran, Scott Hudgens.  J. M. Wilkerson Construction Company, Inc., of Marietta, Ga., was awarded the construction contract in December 2004. In addition to an entrance area, an information center, administration and maintenance building, public restrooms, flag plaza, shelters for committal services, the project includes a total of 33,000 full-casket gravesites, 3,000 in-ground sites for cremation remains and 3,000 columbaria niches for cremation remains.

The 2016 Columbarium Addition

In November of 2016, the Department of Veterans Affairs and General Contractor Osprey Management of Sandy Springs started work on a new Columbarium in the cemetery.  Together with North Georgia Grading, Phoenix Crane’s 275ton Linkbelt ATC3275 assisted with setting large concrete chambers weighing 31,000 each into pre-dug compartments in the ground.