How to Submit Your Time Online:

This online version of the employee timesheet is an optional tool that all hourly employees may use to submit their weekly timesheets.  We hope that those of you who cannot come to the home office on a regular basis will find this particularly useful.  Operators, please note that Dispatch #, Contractor Name and Ticket Time are THE MOST IMPORANT input fields for this form.  You will notice a (+) sign to the right of these fields.  If you click on it you may add additional tickets for each day.

CLOCK IN/OUT TIMES:  Enter your clock-in and clock-out times and round up or down to the nearest quarter-hour.  If you did not clock in or out, enter your start and end times for the day, rounded up or down to the nearest quarter-hour.

IMPORANT: YOU ARE STILL REQUIRED to have this form submitted on a weekly basis NO LATER THAN 10AM ON WEDNESDAYS.